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The Barn

There were numerous projects that my Dad and I did during my childhood years, but some stand out more than others.  “The Barn” is our story about family and the passing of history from one generation to the next.

From the windows and wood, to the decorations, design, and even the construction of The Barn itself, family is at the forefront. Because of that, it could easily be said that The Barn' is more than a structure: it's a story about family and the passing on of history from one generation to the next.

The red, brown, and gray wood—which was taken from an old family barn Mike disassembled and reconstructed with his father thirty years before—as well wood from Mike's grandmother's house were incorporated as themed walls behind the stairs and in the bathroom as well as under the upper windows. Rafters and wall framing from the old buildings were planed and used for window casings. Rusted roof tin from Mike's grandmother's house was incorporated as interior ceilings on the porch and in the main downstairs living area, and original windows (with original glazing) and doors, also from Mike's grandmother's house, were used in various locations.

Reclaimed materials from family and family history were incorporated in the furniture and fixtures as well. Reclaimed wood was used to make the end tables and mirrors throughout the building, the sign-in table was made from an equipment base from Mike's dad's shop, and the wagon wheel chandelier was built using Mason jars that belonged to Mike's mother.

Other family artifacts, belonging to both Mike's and Leah's families, are incorporated throughout The Barn and include a refurbished N48 tractor, a cooking stove and antique sewing machine, as well as various tools, plows, and farming equipment that have been passed down through the generations. A quilt sewn by Leah's great-grandmother for her parents' wedding can be found in the upstairs bedroom; old, handwritten family recipes hang in the kitchen; and family photos line the walls-the oldest of which captures Leah's great-great grandmother.

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